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At Ideal Financial Solutions we’re able to offer our customers impartial financial advice.

We believe that at Ideal Financial Solutions we have the individuals best equipped to offer you the advice that you need. If you are looking for impartial, knowledgeable advice, get in touch with us to provide you with the facts you need to make an unbiased, informed decision and secure you and / or your family’s financial future.

You have worked hard for your money and at Ideal Financial Solutions we understand this, so we want to ensure that we provide you with the professional advice you deserve, to help maximise your returns and avoid any pitfalls in your financial planning.

We believe that at Ideal Financial Solutions we can provide this for you – not only are we qualified Financial Advisors, we are also fully regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

In order to successfully manage your own financial affairs, you may require a wide range of knowledge including advice on the following:


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Marcus Woolley


Marcus Wooley
I’ve been involved in Financial Services now for in excess of 20 years, having initially started working in general insurance. I progressed through to being a mortgage consultant for a Corporate Estate Agent, to now running my own business and being a Level 4 qualified financial adviser.

Pretty much any financial need can be catered for, from Mortgages through to Home Insurance and Mortgage Protection, as well as being able to advise and continually review Investment products, including retirement options.

A particular preference of mine, is reviewing someone’s pension provisions, with a view to making any plans work better and more streamlined.

Outside of work, I still enjoy most sports, being especially fond of football and golf, as well as keeping fit by treating myself to my favourite run over a 10k distance – also allows for plenty of thinking time!

Kirsty Adams
Mortgage & Protection Adviser


Kirsty is a Mortgage & Protection Adviser here at IFS.

As well as being able to offer expert Mortgage and Protection advice, Kirsty is suitably qualified to discuss the merits of Equity Release products.

Kirsty’s background includes the Royal Navy as well as driving buses, from all of which she has gained experience in working and helping out all different types of people, so she is really able to understand how to deal with each client’s individual needs.

Outside of work Kirsty is a busy mum of two, so when she’s not running around to football practice she enjoys socialising and keeping fit!