Mortgages or Protection

Whether you’re a first time buyer, home mover, remortgaging or looking for an investment property, we will assess your financial situation in order to provide you with the appropriate advice and make the best recommendation to suit your needs.

At Ideal Financial Solutions, we do the legwork for you – comparing different Lender’s mortgages to find the best mortgage product to match your requirements.

Client Agreement Mortgages and

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Client Agreement Buy to Let

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Life Assurance

Should you suffer a serious illness or be unable to work due to accident or illness, how would you cope financially? Also if you need assistance with injuries suffered while working, click here to learn more. What would be the consequences and what kind of financial burden would be put on you and your family and where would the money come from? Or worse, if you died, beyond the emotional trauma, what would happen to anyone who depends on your financial support?

The important thing is to ensure that you and your family are protected and prepared for any eventuality.

We can advise and recommend the appropriate cover to suit your circumstances and budget, whether it be to protect a mortgage or a debt, or simply financial lifestyle planning, on any of the following:-

  • Life Assurance
  • Critical Illness
  • Accident, Sickness & Unemployment
  • Income Protection


Life and living protection costs depend on, age, sum assured, state of health, occupation and smoker status amongst others.*